Metaverse attendance

Conference poster presentations and breaks will take place in CHItaly 2023 Metaverse, using the Spatial platform (, to foster interaction among physical and virtual participants.

Both physical and virtual participants can access CHItaly 2023 Virtual Reception (i.e., a welcome virtual environment where you can check the schedule and jump into the rooms for posters and breaks) using the link they received at the e-mail address used during registration.

To enter the Metaverse as a guest, follow the link using a compatible browser (i.e., Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Arc, or Safari v. 15.6 or above) on a WebGL 2.0 capable PC or Mac. If you have a Spatial account, you can also join the Metaverse using the Spatial app on an Android or iOS mobile device as well as on a Meta Quest or Quest 2 VR headset (choose “Pair Headset” in the menu in your profile page and follow the instructions). A Spatial account will also allow you to save your personalized avatar and use voice and text chat. We thus recommend creating a Spatial account.

The first time you enter a Spatial space, a tutorial will show you the instructions to move and look around. You can recall the Control windows by choosing “Controls” in the menu available in every Spatial space.

To travel from reception to the other rooms and vice versa, you can use the portals (i.e., spheres with room names and previews) that you will find in the environments.

In the room menu (using the browser or the mobile app) or in overlay (using a VR headset), you will find the icons to enable the microphone.