Call for papers - Industry Track

Goals and topics

Beyond all other sessions, there will be an Industry session, in which are very welcome contributions from industry stakeholders, experts, professionals on topics that include but are not limited to:

  • Human Computer Artificial Intelligence (HCAI) effect on industry decision making and smart solutions deployment
  • Impact of HCAI on learning and organizational transformation
  • HCAI and automated processes and products
  • HCAI & User Experience
  • HCAI impact on industry sustainable and green innovation and growth
  • Long term impact of HCAI on manufacturing, mobility, tourism, health, security, and safety
  • Effects of economic/energetic crisis on HCAI activities in industries and vice versa
  • Quantification of Return of Investment of HCAI contributions into industry process and activities
  • Industry needs toward HCAI research
  • New ways of collaboration between industry and HCAI academic / research world
  • Needed human competences and digital/non digital assets to optimally integrate HCAI activities into industry processes
  • HCAI training needs & modalities in industry environment
  • HCAI experts’ professional growth opportunities within companies
  • Current industry process and needed changes to deeply integrating HCAI into product/process design and development
  • New perspectives of integration of HCAI activities into the product design & development

Submission instructions

The required format for submissions are posters and demos.

A poster is a concise report of recent findings or other innovative or thought-provoking work relevant to the CHItaly community. Appropriate submissions should be complete enough to contribute to the HCI knowledge and inspire future works, and must not have been presented elsewhere.

Besides presenting the poster during the posters & demos session, authors will have the possibility to:

  • preview their poster in a 1-minute slot within the plenary session;
  • present their poster within the Metaverse session.

Poster papers  will be published in the conference proceedings.

A demo is an interactive demonstration of a completed or ongoing research effort, in the form of software or any working prototype or technical solution of direct relevance to HCI. An appealing and innovative demonstration presents an opportunity to display further and disseminate your research and attract attendees’ participation.. Demos can have been presented elsewhere.

Poster paper  submissions must be up to 2 pages (+1 for references), not anonymized. The paper should have “Poster:” at the beginning of the manuscript’s title.

Demo paper submissions must be up to 2 pages (+1 for references), not anonymized. The demo should have “Demo:” at the beginning of the manuscript’s title. The submission must also outline how the authors plan to present their work, with a description of any special equipment for setup that will be required.

Demo papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

All submissions must be formatted according to the ACM single column submission template, available for Word and LaTeX.
Word template. Download and use the most recent Submission Template from the ACM website.
LaTeX template. There are two alternatives:

For further specifications concerning the ACM format for manuscripts, please, refer to the ACM website.

Manuscripts, in PDF format, must be uploaded via Easy Chair by selecting the proper track (“Industry” submissions).

At least one author of a demo or a poster  must register to the conference. Authors will be assigned a time and location to present their papers and demos to CHItaly.

Presentation format

Poster should include (1) the title, authors’ names, and affiliations, (2) a concise overview of the research, (3) clear illustrations of key aspects of the poster, and (4) a compelling visual design. Poster papers  might also include QR codes to link to online materials (e.g., scenario videos, interactive prototypes).

Demos will be presented according to the plan included in the related submissions.

Main Deadlines (AoE)

Paper/Demo submission deadline: July 1st, 2023
Notification: July 15th, 2023
Camera-ready deadline (strict): July 31st, 2023
Deadline for sending the slides for the 1-minute presentation: September 15th, 2023

Paper Chairs

Antonella Toffetti (STELLANTIS - CRF, Torino)
Vittorio Di Tomaso (H-FARM Innovation, Torino)


Submit on EasyChair by selecting the ``Industry`` track: