Turin offers plenty of accommodation options.

We strongly advise you to book a room in the city center, to be within walking distance from the conference venue -for example, you might consider the Centro and Vanchiglia districts.

A good reference for all accommodation types is the website of Turismo Torino e Provincia: for example, here you can find options within 2km of the Aldo Moro Campus, where the conference takes place.

A few convenient options, all located within 5 to 15 mins walking distance from the conference venue, are the following:

Hotel des Artistes0.5 km from venue
Three stars
Four stars
Hotel Gran Mogol1.5 km from venue
Three stars

If you are looking for cheap accommodation and you enjoy being immersed in student life, one of the following options might be the right choice for you:

CX Turin Regina1.3 km from venue - ask the organizers for the discount code
20% discount available
Campus SANPAOLO5 km from venue